Date Night Ideas NYC

New York is an iconic city. It’s diverse, liberal, and always has something for everyone. But even in the most diverse communities, finding something that’s uniquely you can be a challenge. We’ve prepared this list of fun activities and places to enjoy your first or umpteenth date in the city that never sleeps.

Fun Date Night Ideas

Date Night In New york Cycle

Does it seem like everyone is going for the extreme date night ideas? People are skydiving indoors, sculpting blindfolded, taking cooking classes, etc. While these are awesome ideas, you may prefer something more traditional. That’s perfectly okay. Not everyone wants to get high on adrenaline for a date.

Even the most basic date night ideas can turn into cherished moments if you find the perfect venue for them. While in New York City with the love of your life, try one of these:

  • Going to a show
  • Dinner dates
  • Explore the city together
  • Enjoy a date night at home

Here’s how to make each of these ideas memorable.

Go to a Show

Live shows are a great place to enjoy each other’s company while watching your favorite performances. If you and your date need to break the ice, live shows give you the required distraction while learning what makes them tick. If you have known each other for years, choosing a show to attend is even easier because you already know what they like.

In New York, there are various live shows.

  • 1803 NYC live shows and performances

These performances include music and more. The shows take place on the balcony above the main dining room. Do you have a date between 6 and 9 pm in New York? 1803 NYC has live performances. Check the live music and shows page to see who’s performing when.

The address is

1803, 82 Reade Street, New York,

NY, 10007, UNITED STATES212-267-3000

The list of shows in NYC is impossible to exhaust. But you can try these other well-known shows.

  • Stand up comedy

You can find comedy shows scheduled for tonight by searching online.

  • The Daily Show

The studio is at 733 11th Avenue, at the 52nd Street and 11th Avenue corner. The show is often sold out, so you need to confirm that the dates you want are available.

  • Concerts

Concerts are advertised online, so you can easily find one you love. Or you can try the SummerStage festival in central park in the summer.

Dinner Date

Dinner dates will never go out of fashion. Any date involving food is a classic that promises a chance to break the ice, relax, get to know each other, or remember the goosebumps from your first date.

But picking a restaurant is the greatest hurdle. You want a place that feels warm but also private enough for intimate giggles and light kisses.

  • 1803 NYC dinners will not disappoint. It’s inviting and cozy, and the atmosphere is just right for romantic dinners. If you are looking for “your spot,” this will be an easy winner.
  • Amsterdam Ale House is another great choice. If you make this the venue for your first date, it can become your forever place. You can propose to her here or celebrate other anniversaries because they have private event bookings.
  • Miriam Restaurant Brooklyn is the perfect way to take your loved one to Tel Aviv without leaving New york. The food is distinctly Israeli.

Explore the City

You may feel like you know New York because you have read so much about the city or lived here long. But until you see some of these places for yourself, you will never experience New York to the full.

  • We recommend a visit to Park Slopes’ Prospect Park. It’s less crowded than Central Park, with romantic picnic sites. Park Slope town has pedestrian-friendly sidewalks for those hand-in-hand evening walks.
  • If you are up for a long walk, Catacombs Candlelight gives you an underground experience as you learn some of New York’s hidden history. The one-and-a-half-hour-long private walk may be the time you desperately need to spend together. It’s located at 266 Mulberry Street, New York, NY 10012, and is open Friday-Monday from 10:30-4:00. Check their website for available hours.

Home Date Night Ideas

Home date nights are the most versatile. Surprise your date with your favorite meal to cook. You can also perfect your ordering skills with 1803. Give us a call to explain your wishes for the date night, and we’ll make all of them come true. If you don’t want to run around picking your order, choose delivery, and your meal will be on the way fast.

Finding date night restaurants in NYC is fun because your options are endless. Miriam is one such celebrated restaurant where all your date night dreams come true.