Pride Month Takeover

Pride Events NYC

For the entire month of June, there’s a Pride Month Takeover happening here at 1803! Our restaurant and live music venue will be home to a number of drag brunches including a special Drag Daddy To Brunch event on Father’s Day, during which you’ll all be dazzled by the singing, dancing and comedy that’s a staple for our events.

We’ll also have titillating go-go dancers and drag queens giving you a show during dinner throughout Pride Month for a fun and more risque experience. No matter when you decide to come take in our Pride Month Takeover, you’ll be treated to food with as much kick as the acts and a wonderful array of cocktails to choose from to cool you down.

1803 is the go-to place if you’re looking for pride events in NYC. Check out our full calendar of events below. 

Pride Calendar


Located downstairs within the 1803 restaurant in Tribeca, Bon Courage is a NYC speakeasy bar that plays host to events including the best drag brunch in the city and parties for Mardi Gras, Fat Tuesday and Pride Month. Performers including drag queens and go-go dancers will take over the space for those special occasions. Bon Courage also serves exclusive speakeasy cocktails to let you wet your whistle.

Vic Sin

Gender bending draglesque artist that will get you singing along with all your favorites!

Love Show Dancers

The Love Show is a theatrical dance company that combines cabaret, ballet, contemporary, rock, comedy and theater into creative performances all over the US and beyond. Come join us for the spectacle! 

DJ Mark Anthony

DJ Mark Anthony will entice you with his killer beats and the hottest tracks! Get ready to party with the best of them!

DJ Mae Rose

Music Producer, DJ, Music Artist, Singer- Songwriter, Pianist, Actress…she does it all! Come bop along to all her talents.

DJ Steve Tavo

Hailing from New York City, DJ Steve Tavo is known for bringing dancefloor energy into the booth itself. He blends different styles of Tech House, Deep House, Underground, Disco and Pop; creating special moments that leave an impact. DJ & Producer Steve Tavo has spent the past years working on original releases and is one to look out for!

Gina Tonic

Gina Tonic is a comedienne and live-singing drag queen from New York City, who has headlined all across the country

Sasha Vanguard

Sasha Vanguard is a NYC Drag Queen with an extensive musical theater background! Although she’s known around the city for her Beyoncé Impersonation, she does so much more. 

Pixel the Drag Jester + Nikita Petrovna

Experiencing the Dream Queens is akin to watching two high class hookers infiltrate the local country club. They’re there to take your step dad’s money, and they look good doing it! Resident performers at the House of Yes and producers of the Brooklyn drag Brunch, “Dream Queens,” Pixel and Nikita are best known for their fiery hosting skills, acrobatic dance numbers, and being unapologetically brown and queer.

Glinda the Good Bus

Glinda the Good Bus riding horn first into the ::magic:: ërä, filled with dancing and fun in synchroNYCity, taking all her friends (everyone!) along for the ride! This birthday and celebration bus can be booked for any occasion – or no occasion at all – by DMing @glindathegoodbus on Instagram.

Sunshyne and the Foxx

Sunshyne + The Foxx is here to bring you the glam Pop/R&B concert experience that will make you kick ball change right out of your seat. Savage production, fierce choreography, dynamic wardrobe, timeless originals + hot throwback covers. We’re giving you a taste of the rainbow: a multi genre, mind-bending, full serving of Pop with a generous helping of Soul. A Superforce of Love.


Leif Anderson (LEIF) likes to smile, loves all sorts of music, and dislikes boring things. LEIF held a six-year residency at The Saloon in Minneapolis, the city’s premier LGBTQIA+ bar. In New York he is the Flip Phone Drag Brunch resident DJ at Stella 34 Trattoria at Macy’s Herald Square performing regularly with Shuga Cain from season eleven of RuPaul’s Drag Race. He loves electro pop, funk, disco, house, and rumor has ithe plays a mean Prince set;)💜
You can find LEIF all of the places @leiferoonie. Let’s party!🎉

Bar Specials


Bourbon Smash

bourbon macerated strawberries and fresh lemon, strawberry hearts

Electric Lemonade

Absolut vodka, butterfly pea flour powder, simple, lemon, edible gold glitter

Takes Two to Mango

YaVe mango tequila, fresh lime, hibiscus with a blue curacao float a drop of mango puree at the bottom of the glass for color then hibiscus tequila mix in middle and blue curaçao float on top


Blowjob shooter

with rainbow sprinkles

We love Pride

There’s a cast of colorful characters here at 1803 and we give them the freedom
to be who they want to be, even if the rest of the world thinks it’s weird or different. Pride Month is when everyone can be proud of themselves and the people around them who appreciate them.

We take such pride (no pun intended) in being a go-to place for people to forget their troubles and enjoy a night (or a few) out while enjoying great food and great performances. June is when we let our wild side come out while fully embracing the diversity of our customers, which is as colorful as a rainbow.