Best Brunch in Tribeca

Sat-Sunday 12-4pm

Soup & salads

Add: Cajun Shrimp / Cajun Tuna / Grilled Cajun Chicken Breast 9

Daily Soup

Daily Soup 10

Signature Gumbo

Signature Gumbo 17

oysters, shrimp, andouille sausage, tomato shellfish


Nicoise Salad

Niçoise Salad 23

seared tuna, red potatoes, hard boiled eggs, niçoise olives, green beans, green leaf lettuce, red onions, capers red wine vinaigrette.




Shucked Oysters 21/36

cocktail sauce & mignonette

Cajun Escargot

Cajun Escargot 17

cajun butter, rye toast

shellfish, dairy ,gluten

Spicy Spinach Artichoke Dip

Spicy Spinach Artichoke Dip 14

corn tortilla

Brussels Sprouts 14

chili vinegar, honey glaze, sesame seeds

Charbroiled Oysters

Charbroiled Oysters 21

cajun butter

Cajun Shrimp

Cajun Shrimp 16

blackened with cajun spices & cajun aioli

Buttermilk Fried Oysters

Buttermilk Fried Oysters 21

cornmeal, cajun spices, cajun aioli, baby gem lettuce

Burger and Sandwiches

All served with FRies and salad

Veggie Burger

Vegan Burger 21

confit of Italian hot peppers, lettuce, tomato

add cheddar, monterey jack, provolone, mozzarella + 2 add slab bacon + 3

gluten & dairy in the bun

Special Blend Burger

Special Blend Burger 20

brioche, lettuce, tomato, béchamel barbeque sauce

add: cheddar, monterey jack, provolone, mozzarella + 2 add: slab bacon + 3


Grill Chicken Sandwich

Grill Chicken Sandwich 17

grilled red onion, lettuce , house made ranch and pickled jalapeno

Shrimp Po'Boy 19

Lettuce , tomato & pickles with Creole remoulade sauce. Contains gluten, egg, dairy & shellfish.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Pulled Pork Sandwich 17

cajun roasted pork shoulder, smoked BBQ sauce, coleslaw & pickles, brioche bun.

Blackened Catfish Sandwich

Blackened Catfish Sandwich 18

house pickled cabbage & spicy remoulade


Pulled Pork Benedict

Pulled Pork Benedict 18

Poached Eggs on a Biscuit, Hollandaise, Home Fries & House Salad

Norwegian Eggs

Norwegian Eggs 18

Smoked Nova Scotia Salmon & Poached Eggs on a Biscuit, Hollandaise, Home Fries & House Salad

3 Eggs Any Style

3 Eggs Any Style 18

Slab Bacon or Crawfish Cake, Biscuit, Home Fries & House Salad

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict 18

Poached Eggs on a Biscuit, Slab Bacon, Hollandaise, Home Fries & House Salad

Crawfish Cake Benedict

Crawfish Cake Benedict 18

Hollandaise, Home Fries & House Salad

Poutine & Eggs Any Style

Poutine & Eggs Any Style 21

zesty mushroom sauce with gravy & jalapeno monterey cheese sauce, topped with smoked duck breast

Chicken and Waffles

Chicken and Waffles 18

strawberry jam , maple bourbon sauce

Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast 16

 Cherry Tomatoes & Chipotle Sauce

Cast Iron Cajun Frittata

Cast Iron Cajun Frittata 18

Crawfish Meat, Andouille Sausage, Baked with Three Eggs, Home Fries, Biscuit & Side Salad.


Jambalaya 29

shrimp, chicken, house andouille sausage


Vegan Jambalaya

Vegan Jambalaya 28

crispy tofu & small veggies



French Fries 7

Snow Peas Salad 7

Char Grilled Shishito 7

Mac & Cheese 7

Cajun Rice 7 

Shishito Peppers 7

Biscuit or Rye Toast & Butter 4

2 Eggs 7

Home Fries 7

Slab Bacon 7

Crawfish Cake 7

Brunch tales

1803 Signature Bloody Mary 14

Fresh Orange Mimosa 12 glass/35 pitcher

Mango Belini 12 glass/35 pitcher

French 75 12 glass/35 pitcher